Update from River Moy Search And Rescue

Hi all,
Please find a record of the work over the summer.(click on link July to August….)
Turlough River is finally clean and relatively litter free; we were there for 5 hours yeaterday evening. Because I had a pair of snorkels, I was able to see under the water and there is plenty of fish life in that river thankfully. It was very badly littered earlier in the year.
There is one very troublesome area in Ballina regarding repeat littering; that is along both sides of the River Moy that the locals refer to as the ‘Canal’. It is a venue for binge drinking and we have cleaned it four times this year alone, including in both July and August, but found ourselves once again bringing a trailer load of litter away from there again last Saturday prior to a Children’s Angling Competition. Some preventative measures are surely needed for that area.
The national media covered a story this week about littered coasts and inland waterways, and described The River Moy as being ‘moderately littered’. It is definitely becoming more litter free, but there could easily be hundreds of drink cans and bottles entering the river from the “Canal’ area every year.
Vincent Lang

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